Texas Sage Suds

Homemade & All Natural Soaps

Our Story...

It started with a simple idea. "Let's make our own soap!"

My mother recently discovered how sensitive her skin really is. She went into the doctor's office to take an allergy test, and expected one or two things to be allergic to. However, that was far from the truth. Picture a cartoon opening a letter, and the scroll just keeps on unwinding on and on. It has become very challenging for her to go to the store, and pick up some decent soap that doesn't leave her skin feeling itchy and/or dry. And if it is decently made, it is ridiculously expensive because it is considered a 'craft' product..

So here I am, with an idea and a goal in mind. Make homemade & all-natural soaps out of the most basic materials so people of all skin conditions can use my soap and be happy with the results. And the kicker is, the have essential oils that give the soaps fragrance without allergically reacting to skin conditions. Unless you just prefer the unscented soaps, cause we do make those too!

I am so happy to find such a relaxing, and calming hobby that produces something so wonderful as soap!