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   Usb Flash Drive Duplicators – Facts To Make You An Informed User Of The Tool

There are many reasons why one would need to use USB flash drive duplicators in day to day data storage needs. In fact, many of us have these tools available in our offices and homes. But there are aspects about them that you should learn about in order to make the best use of the resource you have available at hand. Let us look at some important things that you should know to be called as an informed user of USB flash drive duplicators.

  • The device has been designed to manage your USB based drive duplication needs. It can manage large quantities of data quickly and allows for users to make multiple copies of the source drive.
  • The duplicators can function without the use of a computer host. In fact, the market offers various models and designs with a host of configurations that support different targets and features.
  • They are typically, but not only, available in 7, 11, 13, and 15 target configurations, enabling large batch generation copying at any given time.
  • Another major advantage of using USB flash drive duplicators is the speed with which the data is copied. With data transfer speeds up to 33MB per second, copying time is significantly less than the better known CD DVD Duplicators. This feature is in fact, one of the main reasons behind the popularity of the device amongst users such as businesses and educational institutions. They allow users to finish data transferring tasks at super high speeds.
  • The device usually features a 4-button control panel and LCD status screen for programming. This offers easy usability and management of the device without much configuration hassle. In fact, USB flash drive duplicators have been designed with a simplicity that even the most non-technical-minded person can operate it with ease.
  • These devices are compatible with most forms of data duplication requirements. They also feature synchronous and advanced asynchronous duplication to optimize efficiency. They support all types of USB drives, including USB 2.0 high speed and USB 3.0 super speed devices.
  • Accuracy is also an advantage with these duplicators. The device offers bit by bit duplication between the source data and the copies made to ensure that exact duplication has been achieved.
  • The duplicator can support two different modes of copying drives. First is the Synchronous mode where all the USB drives are copied simultaneously, allowing users to create multiple copies in a small amount of time.
  • The second mode is the Asynchronous mode whereby the drives are copied independently of each other.
  • Through the 'Copy + Compare' function, the duplicator can copy to the target devices and then immediately make a bit-for-bit comparison with the source device, to ensure error-free copying.
  • You will also find a nifty ‘formatting’ feature with these duplicators which will allow you to clear all previous data from a USB drive before using.

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