Deitic Origins


War and Power


Pallas Athena

  • Zeus's favorite daughter
  • She had no mother; sprang from Zeus's head
  • Maiden Partenos
  • Battle Goddess
  • Tamed the horses for the men
  • Born in full armor
  • Ranked third along side Jupiter and Juno
  • Power of wisdom, war, reasoning, purity
  • peace, healing, and protection
  • Fearless



  • Daughter of Jupiter; came out of his head
  • Goddess of wisdom, science, and arts
  • Planted an olive tree for the people
  • Born with complete armor
  • Worshiped like Mars
  • Believed to have invented musical instruments and numbers


Teddy Roosevelt

  • Youngest President in American history
  • Captured an outlaw
  • Believed to be one of the most bravest hero's of the American- Spanish War
  • Got U.S involved in World Politics
  • Creator of the Panama Canal Construction
  • Won the Noble Peace Prize for ending the Japanese- Russo War.

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