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As we all know, aids is a disease that is still incurable, and affects a quite large percentage of the global population in all countries around de world. As we speak, 33.4 are currently living with HIV or AIDS, 97% of those are living in low and middle income countries, particularly in African countries where there are less resources available. A couple of organizations are giving help to people who are affected, but also doing some prevention all around the globe to try bring the percentage of infections down.

One of the organizations that is working hard to make a difference is The Global Fund To Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. This organization was created to increase ressources to fight these diseases and to save lives at a worldwide scale. To date, this fund has invested 19.3 billion in 144 countries all around the world to provide support, for some treatments and also for some care programs. Even if the first AIDS was reported 30 years ago, the disease continues to spread, this is why this organisation is putting so much effort to provide help and also to raise awareness to the global population to try to minimise the number of infections. We can notice that the help of organization like that is making a big difference, in 2011 there were half a million less deaths compared to 2005. What a good progress in only 6 years. As we know, the major part of the population that is affected comes from poor countries. Most of these people don't have a lot of money and just surviving is a major challenge. This is where The Global Fund helped again. They purchased and distributed 4.2 billion condoms, and provided more than 19 million basic care and support services. With organization like this one, that's working everyday, maybe we will eliminate aids one day, who knows!


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