The Snake Hunters

الوحدة و القوة في ظل حكم التكامل

Unity and strength under the rule of integration

Arabian Hawk of Truth and Equality: The hawk represents the enemy of the Daschiri. Daschiri's symbol is the snake, an evil creature, destined to be destroyed, both in nature and in our war.

White: White is to represent the purity and justice we will instill in our new formed country.

Black: Black is to represent the evil of Daschiri, which wll be divided and ultimately destroyed.

Constitution of the State of Aishiteru.


The name of this country will be Aishiteru.



Within the boundaries of Aishiteru, true equality will be bestowed upon each citizen. One will not and cannot be discriminated based on money, race, gender, or status. As a community, the state will rise above the oppressing standards set by The Independent Republic of Daschiri. By birthright, every citizen is granted equal opportunity.


Citizenship will be granted to all current inhabitants of Aishiteru, and anyone born within its borders.


Public elections held every five years decide the head of government, in this case, a president. Every citizen is entitled to vote without threat or worry. The central government will hold more power in order to ensure security and order, but local governments also hold the right to govern. Local governments are a democracy, and the matters voted on are then expressed to the central government.

If corruption were to stem within the government, citizens are entitled to overthrow the current power and vote for new officials. The president does not hold absolute power, and matters must be agreed on by a committee of elected representatives.


The government will operate in favor of the people under the premise that it can sustain itself. It will provide protection and security. It holds the right to impose martial law and other security measures. Services offered to men shall be available for women, and vice versa. No rights can be revoked under circumstances lacking evidence or basis such as race.

At the moment of birth, citizens have certain, individual rights. Up until the age of 18, citizens share some rights with their parents that are then their own after becoming legal adults.


-All citizens, no matter what race, are equal to their counterparts

-One shall not be discriminated against for their sex

-No citizen should have to endure the inability to do as they please under the premise of law

-At the time of birth, all rights of that person are given to them, no questions asked

-The incapability to produce children will not be penalized as fatal, for it is under the free will of the person

-One has the right to freedom of speech and thought, and cannot be arrested for their opinions and beliefs

- No one, no matter the age, can be arrested without probable cause and without the evidence of a witness

-Any form of discrimination to any person(s) will result in an automatic trial against the person committing the vile act.

-A person is free to worship whomever they please and believe in whatever they wish

-Physical or emotional assault is considered a crime, and can be punished varying on the degree of the action.


Aishiteru will have a public school system where students will be taught math, literacy, science, but above all, history in order to avoid the repetition of the events that lead to the creation of Daschiri. Once enrolled in school, students will also attend specialized classes that will help develop the skills needed to become functionals members of society. Enrolled students must attend school from the ages of six to fifteen with two week intersessions after twelve weeks of school. After age fifteen, students will advance to colleges of their choice for the required number of years. For the next two years after graduation, students will work under apprenticeships in order to gain valuable experience.

For people unwilling or unable to attend school, jobs that do not require education will be available. Short training programs will be provided, and citizens can enroll if they desire.

If a price is paid or a student is supported by a scholarship, they can attend private school.

Schooling past the age of ten is not mandatory, and one can not, under any circumstances, be punished for choosing not to attend after the required age.


The Arabian Hawk represents the strength that Aishiteru holds over the vile snakes of Daschiri.  White is to represent the purity and justice we will instill in our new formed country. Black is to represent the evil of Daschiri, which wll be divided and ultimately destroyed.


‘Asimah, our guiding light during the darkness that is Daschiri's rule, is Aishiteru's protector. She is the mother of everything great and good in our world. We will follow the philosophies of love and equality she has set for us in hopes that one day, we too will soar like hawks. 

Rebellion Name: Snake Hunters


'Asimah is all seeing and knowing. She leads us into every battle under her protection, and we shall triumph because of it. Her grand wings allow her to soar like a hawk, and make prey of the snakes that rule Daschiri. She is a true warrior born from circumstances, and a caring protector for those who have been wronged. Within her is the power to detect corruption and eradicate it. We worship her as our goddess and leader, and look upon her as one would a mother. Acting as our light in the fog that is Daschiri, we shall escape the binds set upon us by the corrupt government. Evil will not prevail, for 'Asimah is immortal. May she watch over us forever.

The Story of 'Ashimah

Our great leader was born into a white family. Although of Arabian descent, she was still discriminated against for her skin color. The year she was born; one of the greatest wars of Daschiri took place. Her family, being of a fair skin tone, attempted to flee the unjust nation. Unfortunately, her family was caught. When police captured them, her mother and father were slaughtered in front of her and her 3 brothers. From the instant her mother's last gasp was taken, a deep hatred was placed inside of her for the “Holy” Nation. As she grew up, the hatred turned into a roaring flame filled with passion for change. She grew up in the care of her grandparents- devoted followers of the word of Great Master Aldwin. Soon, her brothers were brainwashed; seemingly forgetful that their parents died under the hand of the superior leader. She was always wary of the family she was placed under, out of fear that they might hand her over to the authorities for murder; or even worse, given to them and then taken to the ‘educational centers’. She ran away by the age of sixteen, and lived in the poorer parts of the state. She found books of religion in one of the destroyed flea markets and took them for her reading. Soon, she considered herself a follower of Muhsina (Goddess of Giving) and followed her words of wisdom with gratitude. On one particular night before the anniversary of Daschiri, Muhsina herself visited ‘Asimah. She granted her with the wings of a hawk to help her fight with justice against the rule of Daschiri. Because of this, ‘Asimah is immortal and shall never die. After this night, it seemed as though she never existed physically, for her documents and papers were missing; yet some say she is forever present. Under her guidance, one has no fears- even Daschiri. She helps the brave leaders of the rebellion fight and will one day be the leader to the new nation we wish to create from this turmoil.

Aishiteru National Anthem

    Free and true we stand, mighty heroes raised in war

Our bleeding hearts have paid the price, because they craved for more

The hand of the unjust had oppressed long enough

Aishiteru will come to power true and free of lies

But action must be taken for change to arise

We gave our lives to gain our rights, our nations glorious prize

Now we honor all those lost by sharing our warrior’s cries

    We will stand to guard our lives until we no longer can

Until we’ve won we will stand, every last man

Our courage has shown them that they can no longer control us

Aishiteru may come to power true and free of lies

Our country has prospered under the guidance of ‘asimah and now we will arise

We gave our lives to gain our rights, our nations glorious prize

Now we honor all those lost by sharing our warrior’s cries

    Our country is fair and safe for all

Our Justice has proven that evil will fall

Now our country and our people will live without a fear of thrall

Aishiteru has come to power true and free of lies

Whatever shall happen we have shown that truth will arise

We gave our lives to gain our nations glorious prize

Now we honor all those lost by sharing our warrior’s cries

Education Centers:
The Truth Behind Them

Few people have managed to escape unchanged from the “educational centers” enforced by the state of Daschiri. Under the premise that rebellious and incompetent citizens will be changed for the best, the vile snakes in our government have been robbing us of our children, our husbands, brothers, sisters, and anything in between.

Under the smokes and mirrors placed by officials, the rotten core of our society is on full display, and the horrors that are regularly practiced on its fair people come to light. It is because of those “education centers”, that we have become what we have: a country full of distrust, malice, and hate.

We, The Snake Hunters, have obtained data and the spoken testimony from survivors of the horrible ordeals that occur within the government buildings. We have once again been reminded of what we are fighting against, for we have come to realize what our brothers and sisters have endured. Daschiri is a land of evils, but none is worse than the so called “educational centers”.

Within these, hundreds of people can be held at once, and one can find himself imprisoned for absurd reasons, such as missing a day of the mandatory schooling. Despite Daschiri’s attempts to conceal the truth, today i bring you what they have been trying to hide!

Upon arrival, prisoners are subjected to an excruciating procedure called “rebirth”. There are many methods commonly practiced, but ,by far, the most common involves depriving an individual of sleep. They are placed with their hands over their head and their bodies twisted in order to ensure they unable to be comfortable. Any attempt to rest results in them being beaten or even drowned. Once they have entered a state of delirium, the next stage begins: light therapy. Prisoners are placed in a dark room where videos and pictures and periodically projected. Under the influence of sleep deprivation, the prisoners believe that the projections are real, and believe them to be memories! This stage can last anything from a few days to even months. It is not over until they discard their former selves, and embrace the beings forced upon them. Daschiri is continuously torturing its own people! It’s turning them into shells of their former selves, making them lose everything that made them human only to be replaced by a mindless robot!

Despite the horrors I speak of, they can be considered the lucky ones. People who don’t fall prey to “rebirth” must then endure ghost treatment. It pains me to speak of this, for I can only imagine the pain and terror these poor people have endured! For those too strong willed to give themselves up, hell awaits them! During the ghost treatment, our people are placed in solitary confinement within a completely dark room. They can not even see the ground before them!

They are denied contact with any other human beings, except for the men that beat them whenever they please! Can you imagine that? Can you imagine being so helpless? Being at the mercy of people you can’t even see? Enduring and waiting for hits that might never even come? Its a low level of torture that destroys an individual’s mind and body!

It is our children in those buildings! The educational centers are overcrowded with youths that did nothing to deserve what they have gotten! I pray to ‘Asimah that no one else must endure what so many have, but they do! As we speak, it is happening to someone! It is happening to our brothers and sisters in Daschiri! Our people are hurting! Our goddess weeps at the sight of what our country has become! We want change! We want equality! We want strenght!

Raise arms against the evil that is Daschiri and join the Snake Hunters!

-From “The Snake Hill Address”

By Bahadur Lowly, Brigadier General of Aishiteru’s Armed Forces

Made by: Marianne Marin, Desiree Miller, and Victoria Servian

6th period