By Hunter Huck

Continent- Europe

Imports- Crude Petroleum (7.5%), Refined Petroleum (6.3%), Packaged Medicaments (3.1%), Petroleum Gas (2.8%), and Cars (2.4%)

Exports- Refined Petroleum (10%), Passenger and Cargo Ships (4.3%), Packaged Medicaments (4.1%), Electrical Transformers (2.6%), and Petroleum Gas (2.1%)

Electricity- The voltage in Croatia is 220V; the frequency is 50HZ.

National Anthem- Beautiful is our homeland,

O so fearless, o so gracious,
Our fathers' ancient glory,
May God bless you, live forever!

You are our only glory,
You are our only treasure,
Yes, we love your plains and valleys,
Yes, we love your hills and mountains.

Sava, Drava, keep on flowing,
Danube, do not lose your vigor,
Deep blue sea go tell the whole world,
That a Croat loves his homeland.

When his fields are kissed by sunshine,
When his oaks are whipped by wild winds,
When his dear ones go to heaven,
Still his heart beats for Croatia!

Currency- Kuna

Exchange rate- 1 Croatian dollar is 17 cents in the U.S.

Fluctuation chart-   

Costs of things-

Religion- Christianity is the main religion.

Climate-  Mediterranean, and Continental

People groups- Bosniak, croat people, hungarians, italians, croatian jews, romani, serbs.

Languages- Croatian

Best time to go- July, and August

Shots- The virus attacks the Central Nervous System targeting the brain and the spinal cord, and if untreated it is fatal.

Passports- A passport is valid for the length of stay in Croatia.

Visa- Americans don't have to have a Visa.

Natural hazards- Earthquakes, and floods

Full country name- Medieval Latin Croatia

Area- 21,851 square miles

Population- 4.276 million people

Capitol city- Zagreb

Type of gov.- Parliamentary System

Time- 7 hours ahead of Kansas time

Food-  Croatians eat pasta the most

Climate- Mediterranean, and continental.

Life expectancy- 74 years for male, and 80 for male.

Per Capita income- Croatia- 2009, 19,337- 2010, 18,726- 2011, 20,209- 2012, 20,444.

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