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Week of April 22, 2015

Fulbright Fellowship:
Celeste Alsina - Maracaibo, Venezuela

One thing you can think about during this upcoming summer is beginning an application for grad school or a fellowship. Celeste Alsina ('15) is a great example of a student who has fervently pursued a passion, recently being honored with a Fulbright Fellowship to teach English in Maracaibo, Venezuela. We corresponded to Celeste to get some of her thoughts following her being awarded the fellowship.

What initially prompted you to pursue a Fulbright Scholarship?

I didn’t study abroad during my time at Denison, and at the end of last year I felt that I still wanted the experience of living in a different country for an extended period of time. I appreciated the opportunity to be an English Teaching Assistant because you spend half of your time teaching English and the other half working on a service project of your choice.

Please give us a brief overview of the application process?

There are two essays for English Teaching Assistant, the grant purpose and the personal statement. These essays detail your experience and background, why you would like to teach and serve, and why you would like to work in the country you have chosen. I started these in the summer and went through many revisions up until October when the application was due. You also have to ask for three recommendations and have an interview here at Denison.

What experiences do you believe strengthened your application for the scholarship?

I am from a Venezuelan background, so my personal tie and knowledge of the culture helped in preparing my application. My classes in Educational Studies were beneficial when communicating who I am as an educator and how I hope to support students in Venezuela. I think my experiences with students in BreakAway, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and my various educational fieldwork opportunities strengthened my candidacy.

What does this scholarship entail for you? What will you be doing?

I will be working for the Centro Venezolano Americano Del Zulia, a center in Maracaibo, Venezuela where I will teach English and present on American culture. I will also spend time working on a personal service project of my choice; in my proposal I suggested starting dance groups in the community I am in to foster unity and the sharing of talent.

How has your time at Denison prepared you for life after college, and specifically for your upcoming experience with the fellowship?

My classes, work experiences, and extracurricular involvements at Denison have all prepared me for my next step. I will take the learning strategies and interpersonal theories of both my Educational Studies and Communication Major with me (And, in addition, I am positive that my Spanish minor will come in handy while abroad). My involvements with organizations dedicated to spreading cultural awareness, specifically La Fuerza Latina and Sigma Lambda Gamma, definitely motivated my interest in visiting Latin America and serving as an ambassador for the U.S. At Denison I have had the opportunity to interact with people of all backgrounds, analyze events critically, and get out of my comfort zone, all of which I hope to continue in the future.

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Applications Still Open on DULink

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Full-Time Positions:

Sales & Marketing Associate - The Advisory Board Company (Washington D.C.)

UX Designer/Developer - Symplicity Corporation (Arlington, Virginia)

Proprietary Equity Trader - T3 Trading Group LLC (New York, New York)

Analyst - AlphaSights (New York, New York)

Entry Level Sales and Marketing - Lake Shore Marketing (Indianapolis, IN)

Internship Positions:

Talent & Recruiting Intern - Lifestyle Communities (Columbus, OH)

Software Development Internship - Epic Systems (Madison, WI)

Summer Intern - Rob Portman for Senate (Ohio)

Data Analyst - Liders LLC (Chicago, IL)

Sports Marketing Intern - Burns Entertainment (Evanston, IL)

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