Flowers v.s Dye

By: Nayseth Room,18


Will food coloring affect a white flower differently than a color flower?


If I put a white flower in blue and red food coloring and a red flower in blue food coloring the white flower will not have the same reaction because I think that the red flower will turn blue and the white flower will turn purple.


Manipulated The food coloring is different colors

Controlled I have the same type of flowers

Responding Whether the flowers turn the same color.


1.White flower2

.Red flower3

. 2 cups food coloring food coloring


1.Gather your materials

2.In 1 cup put 7 drops of red and 8 drops of blue food coloring

3.In the other cup put 8 drops of blue food coloring

4.Put the white flower in the blue and red food coloring

5.Put the red flower in the 8 drops of blue food coloring

6. Gather data every 2 hours to see if the flowers turned different colors.


Day 1 April,14 7:00 pm Both of the flowers are same as before.

Day 1 April, 14 9:00 The red flower has no change, but white flower is turning blue

Day 2 April, 15 7:17 White flower is very blue with specks of red. The red flower has blue outlining and has little specks of blue.

Day 2 April, 15 10:20  The white flower is purple and blue with little specks of red. The red flower has the same amount of blue as before.

Day 2 April, 15 12:30 The white flower is purple blue and a little bit of red. On red flowerthe blue spread a little bit.

Conclusion :

My hypothesis was correct.I said that the flowers would not have the same effect because they would turn different colors. The observational data shows that the red flower turned blue and the white flower turned purple.


The food coloring will go up the stem by capillary action in the flower. It's like being sucked through a tube. There is also something called the phloem. the phloem takes the water and nutrients up the stem. there are cells in the stem of the flower similar like how people have cells.
Capillary action is when liquids rise in tubes with a small diameter. Capillary action is due to the liquid sticking to the sides of the tube. A liquid that wets the capillary tube will rise. If the liquid does not wet the tube the liquid will not rise. The smaller the diameter of the tube the greater the pressure.
The phloem is a vascular tissue that takes the sugar from the source tissues. to sink tissues. other molecules are also transported throughout the plant phloem. The phloem is made up of many different cell types.You can see capillary action when water spills on the corner of a paper towel. The water spreads into other parts of the towel because the loose fibers have spaces between them that act like capillary tubes. the drying action of a towel is also due to capillary action.
Instead of water going up the cells. The food coloring will go up the flowers cells, causing the flower petals to turn the color of the food coloring.