civil war journal

My name is Ryuta Tsukahara and I was born in Japan and moved to Illinois when I was 5. I now am 36 years old and I am married to a nurse that helps  in the war.  I have 7 children.  I fight for the confederacy because I think that slavery is wrong. I am a general soldier. I've been in the army for about 20 years long. I have a lot of family. My grandparents are still alive at the age of 95, and they live in Japan. My grandparents are really rich and they send me many Japanese great goods for me.


B:“I have to take a quick step”

M:Well I hope you are as snug as a bug

B:I hope I dont get hornets at me

M:v;Have fun toeing the mark

B: Thanks

M: I got some goobers for you when you come back

B:You sure thats good or my bread basket it’s not feeling good.

M:I also got some joy juice

B: That’s something I’ll take in to my bread basket

M:Well honkey dorey

B: Wanna have some joy juice with the fresh fish

M: Maybe later we can clean are pepperbox with the frsh fish

B: later lets also get them played out. Bye im off to unleash the quick step


letter to family

Dear family,

Being in the army is a lot harder than I expected. You need to wipe the cabin with rags and if we don't do correctly, we were told to dig holes, chop wood and also made us do extra guard on duty. The commanders there are very strict and harsh in many ways. They even make us do extra chores. For example, they make us clean the camp or make us bring fire wood. Life being a soldier can be harsh and tough but I think that I can manage it.

Jeremiah ?s

What will Jeremiah's part be?

Jeremiah's part might be to fight in the war, to fight against the Union

How will it affect the South to have nearly every battle in its territory?

It will affect the South because there will be more soldiers to fight in the war.

What will it be like to be in a battle involving tens of thousands of soldiers?

You would be crowded by a lot a people and it would be hard to fight because you might accidentally shoot soldiers from your own side.

Will everyday routine and small encounters be all some groups experience?

They would go through a lot of traiing and not that much fighting.

letter to friend

Dear friend,

Camp life is worse than I thought. We need to train all the time and we need to wake up really early. How's your life go'in? Food we need to eat at the camp is very nasty. But out of all of the nasty foods we need to eat, I like eating the hardtack. It is hard and, hard. There are a lot of worms in it but when I take them out, it's fine. Except that it is really hard. BTW you make hardtack by just making crackers and putting them in a process of drying them. Anyways, life is tough here, hows life where you're at?

from Ryuta


UH lets fight dem north and keep dem slaves

UH defeat the north and get more land.

dats wut we needs to do x2y CHORUS:

ooooooooooooooh north

ooooooooooooooh north

illness and pain

I got a mosquito bite that led to ... problems.  I got my left foot amputated. I use a giant rock for a foot. I use  a normal shoe I just have a hard grey foot.

when I came home

When I got home, it was really weird. All my family, thought I was dead. My seven children, Marcus, Jo, Johnny, Patrick, Kyle, Matt, and Michael were crying because they thought I was dead but I came home. My wife is a nurse in the army so Jo, the oldest (14) took care of the family by working, along with Patrick and Kyle. Jo did all the cooking so when I got home, Jo made me my favorite food, sushi. Patrick works at a sea food place and since we are really poor, (not really compared to our friends. We can afford a new couch!) Patrick always steals fish like salmon, tuna, and other good stuff. I have told him not to steal and ask the manger if he can buy fish from the place. He is a trouble maker. So we celebrated. When the news spread and my wife found out that I'm still alive, she came sprinting home and ate sushi with us. I'm really glad I made it home alive.

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selfie: picture credit: me

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When I wake up I see beautiful view all the time



I love to play baseball. Instead of playing cards or gambling, I play baseball

When we have battles it is always like this

we're poor. That our house

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