Clawson Classroom News

We had a great week this week.  Our phonics focus was on /ed/ endings.  Students should know the three sounds that ed can make at the end of a word.  Using pic collage, students took and labeled pictures that had the ed ending.  They were very creative.  Check out the slide show below.

We are wrapping up unit 5 in math.  Students have been learning to use addition to check subtraction and vice-versa.  Fact families have been a focus as well as finding unknown numbers in addition and subtraction sentences.

In reading we have been focusing on non-fiction stories and how we can use the various text features to find information.  Next week is Dr. Seuss week so we will be doing several activities themed around Dr. Seuss.

Specials Rotation

Monday-Art  Tuesday-Library  Wednesday-PE  Thursday-Music  Friday-PE


  • Wednesday-Wacky Wednesday (wear crazy socks)
  • Friday-Cat in the Hat Day (wear a hat)
  • Thursday, March 19th-First grade music concert, 6:30 in the gym.

Class Needs

  • Corn starch, food coloring, and sandwich bags for making oobleck.

Something New

We have started something called flexible seating.  That means that students have the option of sitting in their seat or on the carpet in a place they choose during any part of the day.  This allows students to make decisions about where they work best and it also gives them the option to spread out and move a little more than they can while sitting at their desk.  I think the kids have really enjoyed it so far.