Chapter Summary

Brady is a 13 year old boy who is best friends with J.T. and Digger.They have been friends for as long as they can remember. They have a lot of memories together,and they have a very close friendship.The D'angelo's just moved in with other rich summer families.Mrs.D'angelo and Ben took their red kayak out onto the river but who knew what would happen.Brady can't decide whether or not its right to tell this secret but,he knew that once its said it can't be taken back.Would it change lives,would it affect his friendship with J.T. and Digger.Who knows?Was it an accident or something else?


Priscilla Cummins is born in 1951 in Ludlow,MA she has done her education at University of New Hampshire B.A. Priscilla Cummings hobbies are reading,playing the piano and going on walks.Her career: she was a newspaper reporter from 1973 to 1975 she was a magazine editor and writer from 1982 to 1985 she also was the writer of children’s books in 1986.Priscilla Cumming also won awards such as journalist of the year in 1980. She also won international literary awards and more.




Denial/isolation:Brady isolates himself from everybody else,and he denies the fact that he wasn't fast enough to save Ben.

Anger:Brady is mad at the fact that Ben died and at the fact that J.T. and Digger had killed Ben.

Bargaining:Brady is having 2nd thoughts about Ben's death,and about what happened.

Depression:Brady is throwing the crabs overboard and he didn't got to school for a bit and he can't sleep at night.

Acceptance:Brady accepts the fact that Ben is gone and the Brady needs to move on and think of other things and move on in life.


Brady v/s J.T.& Digger:Brady has to decide whether he should tell the police the truth about J.T. and Digger,and whether or not it would affect his friendship.

Brady v/s himself:He blames himself because he didn't go to save Ben on time.

Brady v/s society:Brady wonders what everybody else will say when he tells the truth.

Brady v/s nature:Brady blames the river because it was cold, and why the river had to kill Ben.


Brady is very close friends with and J.T. Digger but he thinks that telling the truth might ruin their friendship.So,he has second thoughts about telling the truth to the police.

Telling the truth

Telling the truth is always the right to do.Even though the truth can hurt.It is the best solution,and Brady did the right thing by telling the truth.He might have regret it if he didn't tell the truth,so he did himself a huge favour by telling the truth.


  • Chesapeake Bay is located on the far east coast.
  • The Chesapeake Bay holds more than 18 trillion gallons of water.
  • More than 150 rivers and streams flow into the bay.


He’s a 13 year old boy.He loves crabbing and oyster fishing.His best friends are J.T. and Digger.He worked for the D'angelo's as a babysitter for their son Ben


Is another friend of Bradys' .His home life isnt that amazing.His dad is very aggressive towards his mother.Also he is very violent. J.T’s real name is Jeremy Tyler.


He is a friend of Brady.He is jealous of the d'angelo's because they bought his grandfather's land.He is homeschooled by his mom. Digger’s real name is Michael Griswold.

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The book was pretty decent so we'd rate it a 3.5.It has a lot of interesting scenarios but it isn't the best book we'v read.

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