"If you ain't Burgerballin, you're just stupid!"

Burgerballs (noun) or Burgerballin' (verb) is a totally awesome way to communicate with rad people.

Commonly Used As:   "Ring Ring.......Yo what up BurgerBalls?     You Burgerballin today?"
(Burgerballs typically means anything you want it to)

Phone Example
Friend 1:   ..Ring...Ring...Ring.....(pause)........."Uh.....Hello?"
Friend 2:  "Hey Friend....what are you doing?    Burgerballin?"
Friend 1:  "Hell yeah im burgerballin, why wouldnt I be!
Friend 2:  "Sweet....talk to you later!"    

SMS Text Example
Sent Text Message:  "Wat U Doin 2NITE?
Response:  "Goin Out BBALL'N.  U want to go too?"

Lord's Prayer Example
"....for thine is the kingdom, the power & the glory, for ever and ever - Burgerballs."

You can clearly see from the examples, there is no better way to communicate, than with the wildly popular term "BurgerBalls".  With this shirt, you'll be amazed with how many people choose to hang out with you - now that you're BurgerBallin!

Tackk it up!

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