Les art Des Paris, France

The artistic presence in Paris,France outweighs that of the presence of art in normal cities. From its main roads to alleyways to its famous museums and monuments the presence of art in Paris is symbolic to the vibrancy of the city and its inspiring presence.

Visit the Louvre Museum and find out for yourself.  

There's so many places in Paris, France where you can create your own are out of the inspiration of this artistic city.

Surrealist Street Art in the Alleyways of Paris

Pompidou Modern Art Museum

This picture here is taken at the courtyard of Pompidou Modern Art Museum, you can see the graffiti touching from roof to ground on the walls of buidling surrounding the museum.  

Below is the Pompidou Lit up at night

When we visited there was a exhibit available on the surrealist artist Marcel Duchamp

Parisian Art Has No Limits

Desecration of Artistic expression

Surrealist Rogue art group called Clowns goes around Paris placing clown noses on famous statues

Clash between contemporary art and traditional...statue desecrated by clown nose

Artistic tourist attractions like the love lock bridge at the Seine River has overtime desecrated the aesthetic beauty of the city slowing destroying the bridge

Key lock bridge, Couples place locks on this bridge to symbolize of their love lasting forever.....

Humorous Artistic expression desecrating traffic signs

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