The reason why i chose sports is because i played it ever sense i was a little kid. Its one of the way i relieve stress.

What is the most popular sport in America?

Football is the most popular sport in america 35 percent of american people say football is there favorite sport.Im one of that 35 percent because football is my favorite sport too.

How do you train for sports?

You should workout every other day because when u workout your need your body to be able to have time to grow if you workout everyday your body wont have time to grow and you wont be able to grow if your muscles aren't big then when you play sports you will get hurt very badly you can break or fracture your bones.

Why are people interested in sports?

People are interested in sports because they enjoy watching people competing for a championship. hey like seeing people get hit by someone

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This is one of the best ones I have seen yet. This is very similar to mine and that is why I like it so much. Great job!🏈 🏀 🎾 🎱 🏉