By: Katrina Blakney

            Fireworks are used in everyday life. They are mainly used on special occasions or holidays. Fireworks were invented in ancient China in the 7th century. Fireworks were used in many festivities. The Chinese people believed that they would scare evil spirits away and bring luck and happiness. They first made them by stuffing a volatile substance into bamboo tubes that were thrown into a fire. Then they started filling capped bamboo tubes with gunpowder and iron bits, attached them to an arrow, lit them, and then shot them from a bow. Today, the main part of fireworks is concerned with pyrotechnics _ its a mixture of substances designed to produce an affect of  heat, light, gas, smoke, sound or a combination of these sources.

                In fireworks 5 major ingredients are usually combined. A fuel allows the "star" to burn. An oxidizer that produces oxygen to support the combustion of the fuel. Colorants, usually chloride salts of suitable metals such as copper, sodium or strontium. A binder to hold the pellet together such as gum or resin. To enhance the color intensity a chlorine donor is used to react with the color-imparting metals.


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