By: Lexi Price-Kalina  

What kinds of phobias are there?
*Social= none.

*heights= acrophobia.

*flying= pteromerhanophobia.

*dogs or puppies = cynophobia.

*thunder&lightning=  astraphobia.

*swallowing air, germs, airborne diseases= areophobia

*blood= hemophobia

*peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth=

*longwords= hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia


Now for some pictures of the phobias!

  1. social phobia
  2. heights
  3. flying
  4. dogs or puppies
  5. lightning and thunder 
  6. swallowing air, germs, and airborne diseases
  7. blood
  8. peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth
  9. long words
  10. sitting

What causes phobias??

Phobias are caused because the person who has the fear has most likely had a scary experience with what he or she is afraid of. Their memory sticks with them because of a tiny brain structure called the Amygdala. It keeps track of the experiences that trigger strong emotions. So once a certain thing or situation triggers the fear, the amygdala warns the person by triggering the a fear reaction every time he or she is encounters or even thinks about  their fear.


An Example:

An example would be if a person got stung by a bee in a scary situation for that person seeing a photograph of a bee, seeing an actual bee, or walking near flowers where a bee could bee could trigger the phobia.

How to overcome or cure phobias

People can overcome or cure phobias by gradually facing their fear. This task is not easy it takes willingness and bravery to overcome their fear. Sometimes people may need a therapist to help guide them through it and help them through the process. overcoming phobias usually start with the person making a list of their fears in least to greatest order.


An example would be if a person had a phobia of dogs the list might start with the things the person is least afraid of such as looking at a picture of a dog.then the person would work their way up to their worst fears such as standing next to a dog on a leash and walking the dog. Gradually and with support the person tries each of situations on their list one at a time starting with the least fear and then working their way up to their greatest fears. During this process the person isn't forced to do anything and works on each fear until he or she is comfortable, this process can take as long as it's needed.

The therapist might also teach relaxation practices such as

*ways of breathing

*muscle relaxation training

*soothing self talk

These can help them feel. Comfortable and help the person overcome the fears on their list.


I hoped you enjoyed my presentation on phobias. I also hoped you learned about what kinds of phobias there are, what causes The phobia,and how to cure the phobia.