Unit 13 Graphing Assignment

By: Ava Crimmings


-Lucy loves to run. When she sprints, she runs at five feet per second mot stopping until she has run for 30 seconds. Below I have a line graph demonstrating her progress.

-An independent variable is the variable that doesn't rely on another variable. (www.oxforddictionaries.com )

-The independent variable in this situation is the time in seconds. It DOES NOT, depend on the feet.

-The dependent variable DOES depend on the independent variable.

-The dependent variable in this situation is the feet. How many feet she runs depends on how many seconds she runs. The variable staying the same, or never changing.

- The constant variable in this situation is 5 feet. This is because she is constantly sprinting at 5 feet per second. It never changes to 6 or 7 feet, or anything else.

                                        -Example equation for chart.

S= Seconds that Lucy runs

D= Distance total that she runs.

S (5)=D

My graph is gradually increasing, because as time passes she is moving further and further away from the starting point.

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