1. In the Black Death over 50 million people in the 14th century died.

2. The years 1346-53 is when the Black Death spread all across Europe.

3. Over 60 percent of florence's population died from the plague.

4. The Black Death was a huge problem it was a disease that was caused by rats and there was lot and lot of rats.

5. The plague bacteria would break out in you blood stream then would go to your lungs which caused you to die.

6. The Black Death came in Europe in October 1347.

7. When the ships that had the Plague came on it people came to meet their family and friends but all that they found was that half of the people on the ship were found died caused by the Black Death.

8. Scientists found out that the Black Death was carried though the air.

9. The doctors refused to see patients so many of the people moved out to the countryside to get away from everything that was happening.

10 Many of the people in the town believed that God was punishing them for what they did in their life's by giving people the Black Death.


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