Belshaw 600 Electric Open Kettle Fryer - Stratton Sales

Belshaw 600 series electric heated open kettle donut fryer is designed to produce high quality donuts. The tube burner design offers superior heat recovery. Belshaw is the premier manufacture of donut fryers, proofers and production machinery.

The Belshaw heavy duty elements are durable enough to withstand daily use for the entire life of the fryer. Space under the elements is reserved as a “cool zone” to avoid further heating of the frying debris. The elements themselves tilt up to a vertical position that allows for thorough cleaning. The kettle can be quickly removed for periodic cleaning outside the fryer. The stainless steel frying tank, cabinet and drain tray offers easy cleaning and a long fryer life.

Belshaw donut fryer model number:

  • 618L 18” x 26” fry tank
  • 624 24” x 24” fry tank
  • 634 23” x 33” fry tank

Available Belshaw options:

  • Submerger Screen
  • Screen Cradle
  • Shortening filter
  • Cake donut depositor
  • Donut frying screen


  • 208/240 Volt
  • Ordered either 1 or 3 phase