Un crowded Hallways

Target Audience: HighSchool Students

To all students; want to revolutionize your time. Hate being stuck in traffic in the hallways. If so this is for you. Stand up for the cause of the scheduling changed for a five minute  period to insure all student reach their classes on time, and don't get stuck between a smelly mess.

Propaganda Technique

In this poster, glittering generality is used as the propaganda technique. This is done by making the readers, or the people addressed  to be persuaded by the words used. Bandwagon is also used, the word everyone symbolizes bandwagon. Bandwagon is used to attract the readers by making the feel left  out, sort of like peer pressure.

Add Placement

This advertisement  is gonna be placed as a flyer on hallways. This is due to the survey taken which stated that 8 out of 10 people look at the flyers on the wall.

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