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I wrote the first edition of covert action bar 2.0 review (Without Selling Your Soul) as a fulltime, professional blogger with other professional bloggers—or at least those who aspired to be—in mind. It was an overview of the essential elements of an awesome blog, as well as tips for growing traffic and successfully monetizing that traffic.

It ended with a few tips I’ve learned on working smarter, not harder, since a blogger’s job is never done. Although I am just as passionate about blogging as I was a year ago, I have also come to realize that while my blog is a significant aspect of my business, it is not my business itself. My business goes far beyond just a blog, and far beyond just my own skills as a writer and speaker.

They are just important pieces of a puzzle that is much bigger than I ever realized. It is in this transition that I have come to understand that there is a whole other group of burgeoning communicators who aspire not necessarily to blog, but to write books or to speak or to build a business online.

And these burgeoning speakers and writers and entrepreneurs attend conferences or mail out proposals or create amazing products in the hope of hitting it big only to be told, over and over again, that these days, in order to publish a book or become a speaker, they must first have a platform. How does one build a platform from the ground up? Is it even possible in today’s environment, or have the “golden days” of blogging, when everyone had a voice, already passed? How does one navigate the seemingly endless list of tasks that should be done without working 24 hours a day? Is blogging even worth the effort? My goal for covert action bar 2.0 review  second edition ofHow to Blog for Profit is to expand on some of the most important things I’ve learned in the past few years about blog creation, traffic platform growth, monetization, and turning a blog into a thriving, profitable business.

In addition, I want to provide the most up-to-date information, as the online world changes fast. Before I dive right in, I need to make a few disclaimers and clarifications: 1. I am a female blogger who writes in a personal finance and lifestyle niche. My bl og,, features a wide variety of topics, including money-saving tips, recipes, DIY projects, household tips, parenting ideas, and more.

Because the subject matter of my blog is fairly broad and includes everything from recipes and DIY projects to parenting tips and personal finance advice, I have had the unique opportunity to learn what works (and what doesn’t) in a variety of niche markets. That said, my area of expertise is not allinclusive, and it is possible that some of what I share in this book will not fit for your own genre. 2.

My own blog has earned a full-time income from the monetization strategies discussed in this book for more than two years. While blogging is by no means “easy money” and this is not a “get rich quick” book, I believe it IS possible to make a sustainable living entirely from a blog, regardless of the blog genre and audience. 3.

For the sake of simplicity and to keep this book focused on the things that will help you create content, grow your platform, and earn an income, I will assume that you’ve already started a blog or have some sort of online presence, and that you already have a basic understanding of blogging and covert action bar 2.0 review. 4. This is not a technical guide to setting up a blog.

If you are looking for a step-bystep, how-to manual on setting up a blog or establishing accounts on social media, this is not it. There are plenty of books and websites that can help you with this. The purpose ofHow to Blog for Profit is to encourage, inspire, and enable you to grow your platform and take your blog to the next level, regardless of whether you have just begun or have been blogging for years.

It is filled with practical takeaways and action steps to help you assess and create the most successful plan for your own audience. Regardless of what many online marketers will tell you, there is no one “right” way to make money online. My goal is to give you the tools to reach your own blogging goals, whether those goals be to create a blog, grow your platform, make more money, turn your blog into a business, or all ofthe above. One ordinary day in 2010 I started my own blog,, out of little more than desperation.

My husband Chuck and I were on the brink of divorce, arguing nonstop about my out-of-control spending habits. Because we weren’t speaking and because my normal coping method—shopping— wasn’t an option, I turned to the computer. I committed to a monthly budget and decided that public accountability through this thing called “blogging” might be the only thing that could save me.

Amazingly enough, it worked. I learned to save and use coupons and began journeying towards a simpler life, one not dictated by what I have, but who I am. Ofcourse, that is all a story for a different book. This book is about blogging for profit, something I’ve also learned a lot about since I first began. In fact, within my first four weeks of blogging I realized two important things: First, I was born to be a blogger.

After all, what other job could allow me to do all the things I love—cook, clean, craft, organize, and write—and still give me the flexibility to stay at home with my kids or to literally work from anywhere? Second, I realized I could actually make money doing what I loved. From that moment on, I set out to learn everything I possibly could about professional blogging.

Knowing that I was practically destined for this job, I set a big fat goal for myselfthat at the time seemed downright crazy. I wanted to make enough money blogging that my husband, an aerospace engineer, would be able to quit his job and walk away from the career he loathed. Chuck, on the other hand, still justifiably angry with me for years of overspending, scoffed at the idea.

Accompanying his skepticism with a steady stream of heavy sighs, he’d say things like, “Stop wasting your time,” “Why are you on the computer all the time,” and “You know you can’t make money on a blog. It’s just not possible!” It took him almost two years to change his mind, and still another year for him to embrace my goal and accept it as his own.

So while my public journey has been about learning to control my spending, my private journey has been learning the behind-the-scenes business of blogging. These two paths have intertwined so tightly that I’m fairly sure I couldn’t do one without the other. That is exactly the way it should be. Blogging is incredibly personal. Your readers don’t just come to read what you have to write, they come for you, for your unique voice, perspective, and ideas.

The secret to successfully blogging for profit is learning how to maintain authenticity with your readers while at the same time successfully navigating the behind-the-scenes waters ofrunning a business and building a brand. And while that might seem hard, or even impossible, it’s really, truly not. Just stay you. That’s all you have to do.

Don’t try to emulate other bloggers; don’t get so wrapped up in trying to build your stats that you forget to be awesome; don’t get so obsessed with getting paid to write a sponsored post that you find yourself promoting things you don’t even like. Just stay you. That’s it! Easy, right? Own Your Own Journey I’m going to give you a whole lot of advice in this jam-packed little book and so many action items for your to-do list that at times you will feel like your head might actually explode.

But ifyou were to take away only ONE piece ofwisdom, it would be this: Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. It’s not even my own wisdom! Jon Acuff, blogger and author of the best-selling books Quitter and Start, is the one who said it first, and he was dead on. The first time I heard him say it, at a now-defunct blogging conference called Blissdom in 2012, I felt as though I had been physically slapped across the face.

In that moment I realized that all my insecurities with blogging came from comparing myself to others and from feeling like everyone else was somehow doing it better than I was. Feeling like I wasn’t good enough and trying to emulate other people’s success had paralyzed me. At the time I was operating four blogs, one of which employed seven helpers. I was making money, but I was working nonstop, I was ignoring my family, and I was miserable.

Truth be told, I was ready to quit. In that moment, I made a decision that changed my life. I decided to stop comparing and to simply put my head down and get to work on the things that I actually cared about, not just the things that were earning an income. Four months later I sold my two most profitable sites and shut down the third, strongly suspecting that I was probably throwing away any chance that I’d ever make enough money to support my family. I was disappointed, but at that point I knew I just needed to refocus my priorities on what was most important to me.

On my one remaining blog, the one I had started with, I decided to simply write about the things I was most passionate about, without worrying about whether I was saying the “right” things, the “popular” things, or even the “profitable” things. I gave myself permission to be authentic, to be real with my readers, and to be different than everyone else.

For a while I even stopped reading other blogs because I found that when I did, all those insecurities would come creeping back in.


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