James Oglethorpe
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What role did James Oglethorpe have on Colonial America?

      James Edward Oglethorpe was a British General a memeber of Parliment and the founder of Georiga. In 1722 James Oglethorpe became a member Parliament from Haslemere, he would be re-elected to successive terms for 32 years. He was a strong defender of the rights of colonists and strongly against any kind of slavery. James was known for helping people who were forced to do things against their will. On June 9, 1732 the colony of Georgia was created by a group of 21 men including James,  it was created to serve as a place where debtors in prison could go to anew and it also served as a barrier against Spanish expansion from Florida. January, 1733, James and William Bull (an engineer from Charles Town), left many colonist in South Carolina and headed up the Savannah River, sailing 18 miles upstream. Once they arrived in Savannah, James was very impressed with what the land provided, it had nice swampy areas that would provide great protection for the colonists. On February 1, 1733 James returned to South Carolina to get the colonists to bring them to their new home. In 1736 Oglethorpe traveled south from St. Simon to explore the coast between the mouths of the St. Mary and St. John's River. During this expedition he gave English names to islands, bays and other geographic entities. Eventually, James Oglethorpe began a long retirement becoming good friends with Samuel Johnson, Edmund Burke, and any other poeple who were supporters to having American freedom.

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James Oglethorpe
James Oglethorpe was a strong beliver in helping others who are in need.
In Georgia they has a satue of James in their town square.

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