Front Tackk

My name is Elizabeth Stuart. I am from Indiana. My age is 23. I chose to be with the union. June 1,1862. I live with my mom, Jacky Stuart and my  grandpa, George Stuart  and he is stationed right now in Connecticut.

      Day 2       June 1st, 1862.

When my mom and I wake up in the morning we go down to the old creek bathe then we come back. When we get back we make food or our family and the soldiers. I finally get done with helping mom get the food done for the soldiers that are staying at our house, until they have to move camp. I run outside to do my morning work around the barn. This includes feed the animals, pick eggs, and milking the cow. Then I have to do my afternoon chores where I pick our food from the garden and I also pick weeds from the flower beds/ water them also.

Day 3 June 2,1862

Dear, Grandpa

I been doing real well but I have so much work here to do. Mom is making me do so much work around the house to help the soldiers that are camping near our house. I hear that there is a lot of wars going on. I also heard there hasn't been war around you. I miss you so much and so does mother. I cant wait until I see you again, we have so much to talk about.

                                                                                         Love, Elizabeth

Day 4 June 3,1862

Dear Elizabeth

Its hard working on the battle field for an old timer, but its a lot of fun helping out. I miss you and your mother too. I hope you are doing a lot work and listing to her also. Its real nice hearing about you helping out the soldiers. I will write back has much has I can. I may miss some days for write back to you but I know your in good hands with your mother. I hope this war is over soon. I have to go now, tell your mother I love her and I love you too.

                                                                                                  Love, Grandpa

Day 5 June 3, 1862

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