Seven things about me you don't need to know.

  1. My main best friends are Lizzy,Sapphire,casual are Nicky,Iris,Rere-maia.  Below are my friends Sapphire,Lizzy, George,Nicky and me. They are my best friends because they always stock up for me and can be funny like always.

2. My room is RM 16

I like my class not only because Mr Stove is in it but made lots of friends. I have had so much fun in this class doing p.e and sumdog learning.

3. After school I play with my cousins on tramp and taking air shots just for fun when we are bored. There is another reason it is to get some fresh air. Also just to have fun.

4.I like running because  it keeps me fit. And occupied.But the one thing that I am not good at is long distance.

5.I love playing sports /P.E. It keeps socialized and lets us learn lots of stuff. You can enjoy other sport with the class.

6. Below is a video of all the friends I hang out with but I might of missed out some one. Most of the pics are me and Nicky the reason is because we were going for a run thats how much we love running.

7.I love watching mega-mind the movie The reason i love watching mega-mind the movie is because it keeps me cheerful and he doesn't care whats he looks like and there isn't a happy ending.Second of all the good person gets on my nerves because its all about him.

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Good tackk aramata really interesting

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great tackk aramata love !!!!!!!!