...It is in sequence of that change that he become an Ameerican.

by Brianna Friend

In the essay by Hector de Crevecoeur called "What is an American" he talks about what it is to be defined as an American. It explains American and their struggles in the start of early America.



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The reason I chose the song is because Americans wont give up on the establishment of early American and because the colonist do have a lot at stake and in the end Britain will be their friend. The colonist didn't break, they didn't burn. Even when times get ruff they still stayed together.They came so far from what they are. They had to learn because they are worth it. All in all it relates so well to Jason Mraz's I wont give up.

The reason I chose the image is because no mater what the colonist still came together and shined like the sun.

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