Words of the wise

March 24, 2015

After reading the first couple pages of the book I picked work if the wise. His father needs to tell him to grow up and quit being a baby. Junior is very wimpish. He is scared of every thing and of everyone. He never fights back. He always just takes it. When other kids pick on him. He uses his friend for protection and to fight them. Clearly, a adult needs to tell him to stop being a baby.

March 25,2015
Contrasts and contradictions

junior just keeps surprising me. He never stays the same. At one moment he is scared and doesn't want to do anything. The next moment he is fighting back. When the big jock guys said something racist he punched him right in the face. Then he gets bullied and doesn't do anything in return. He knocked the one dude on his but some thing tells be he will be less of a baby by the end of the book.Obviously, Junior never stays the same in the book and at this point keeps changing.

March 26, 2015
Aha Moment

It hit me when his sister ran away and got married. Maybe him and his sister are different. What about his parents. Maybe they are different and they just acted like they changed. Maybe they were like jr. and hi sister but were forced to change. maybe there is moe of a secret behind the town he lives in. Obviously, I had a great aha moment

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hello best takk thing every created and no one can ever make a better one good job mike

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oh thanks mike