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My alien's name is Fireball. On my home planet Mars, I am, 6.4 lbs, on Earth I am 12 years young. I weigh 28.8 lbs on Mars and, 76.6 on Earth. You guys are probably wondering what type of planet Mars actually is, well, it is a "terrestrial" planet.

Basic facts

My home planet Mars is 4th from the Sun if you were wondering. Mars has 2 moons, Phobos, and Deimos. Mars's surface is freezing cold at temperatures up to -230 degrees Fahrenheit. It has the most similar atmosphere to Earth, which is a good thing. It has a cold and rocky surface.

A day in the life

It takes Mars almost double the time to revolve around the Sun than Earth. Mars rotates on its axis about 40 minutes slower than the Earth. A day on Mars ends 40 minutes after an Earth-Day does. 1 year on Mars is about double what it is on Earth, to be exact it is 687 days on Mars. Mars is 2,106 miles in radius.

Interesting facts

Mars has some cool facts about it I bet you didn't know about, here lets find some of them out. Mars has a volcano on its surface called, Olympus Mons. Mars is almost an exact of Earth except for no one lives on Mars and the color from space is different and lastly, Earth has organisms (living and dead) on the planet. Mars is probably the most researched about planets ever.

Description of me

I was named Fireball because of my cool ability to heat up everything I touch with "heat-touch", and can also cool stuff down whenever needed with his ability to turn the fire into water or ice. Mars's surface is so inconsistent that I have to constantly be awake because of the changing in temperatures on the surface.


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3 years ago

You did a good job on the alien and you did a good job on your tack.