I have had the priviledge to experience the kind of classroom environment I would like to provide for my students. The picture above is the class that I spent everyday in for two years for Music Theory I-IV and Aural Skills I-IV. The classroom not only had top of the line teachers, but we were able to experience the use of laptops, tablets, projector, Smartboard, and Dyknow. Almost everyday the students were exposed to some kind of technology, whether it was the teacher using it or the students themselves. The program that we used the most was Dyknow. Our teacher realized that our generation of learners is very social, not only in their personal lives but also in their educational lives. Dyknow allows that sort of interaction in the classroom, and gives students the opportunity to see how others analyze the same work that they are doing, giving them a different perspective and allowing them to observe another learning style. The Watagua Democrat put it extremely well, "the dyknow software allows teachers to determine how well students understand concepts during a lesson, rather than afterward." The type of technology that was in the classrooms at Appalachian were pretty up to date and were current and relevant to the type of teaching that went on from day to day. The use of these things didn't interupt the flow of learning, but rather enhanced it and allowed students to experience learning in a way that they may not of been exposed to before. From a personal viewpoint, I was never very good at these classes, but the technology used, and the passion of the teacher helped me to excell to a higher level than I thought I could reach in each of these courses.

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