Hominid Exhibit

Doubly Wise Man
By: Sophia Schiavo

Homo Sapiens Sapiens

Physical Description

Doubly Wise Man has characteristics of what man looks like today. They walked on two feet and upright. A noticeable difference is their skulls were bigger and more rounded therefore their brains were larger. They also had much smaller teeth. The Doubly Wise Man's bones were more slender than man today.

Doubly Wise Man used resources such as spears to catch fish. Bows and arrows. Needles, blades, and spear throwers. Douby Wise man used the following tools to.. Make clothes, to cut open animals, and to catch animals.

Special Capabilities that Doubly Wise Man used was fire. Doubly Wise man was the first hominid to make tools. Without these tools they wouldn't have any food, because they used the tools to kill animals and get water from creeks, rivers, lakes, etc.

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