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                             What is Photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis is important because it produces air for us to live so if it never existed people and animals would not be alive. We as humans breathe Carbon Dioxide which plants need that to be able to photosynthesize so we rely of plants and plants rely on us. The process of photosynthesis is plants take in sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide and then with that they make glucose and they also make oxygen for us so then it just keeps repeating as time goes by. The formula for photosynthesis is CO2(Carbon Dioxide) + H2O(Water) --> C6H12O6(Glucose) + O2(Oxygen). The chloroplasts, organelle only found in plant cells, is where the photosynthesis takes place in a plant.

                                               What Happens in Photosynthesis

There is one energy transformation in photosynthesis and that is radiant energy(sunlight) to chemical energy(glucose). For plants to undergo photosynthesis they need sunlight, water, and Carbon Dioxide. If the plant does not have one of these it cannot make photosynthesis. What is makes from photosynthesis is glucose which is a sugar. And all this stuff goes in to the chloroplasts and glucose goes out. Plants get there energy from sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water because they need all these to go through photosynthesis.

                                                      Animals and Food Chains

Plants are important to animals because if there were no plants then there would be no animals, but if there was plants and they didn't go through photosynthesis then animals would still die because they use the oxygen from the plants to survive. All plants on the food chain are producers. They get there energy from the sun. Then a consumer comes along and eats the plant for energy. If there were no plants there would be nothing living on our planet. An example of this is if we had no plants then all the fish would die. Then all the bears would die. And we can use these animals to survive so plats are the most important.

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