Dominican Republic

Type of Money and Exchange Rate

They use the Dominican Peso. $1 in US money is equal to 44.47 Dominican Pesos. 1 Dominican Peso is equal to $.02 US.

Major Exports and Imports

The most exported product in the Dominican Republic are medical instruments. The most imported product is refined petroleum.

Three Main Cities

The three main cities are Santo Domingo,Santigo, and Monte Cristi.

Three Tourist Attractions

Santo Domingo-Oldest city in the New World,its rich in history and culture. Also it has amazing restaurants.

Eastern National Park-Can explore caves while snorkeling and diving. It is home to hundreds of different species and it has one of the largest parks with a huge coral reef system.It also has nice sandy beaches.

Punta Cana-This is a city located at the tip of the Dominican Republic,it is packed with resorts and beaches.



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