Meditation Project

Jaden Tomlinson

Meditation is very calming and helpful in different types of ways. Meditation can help your health by just relaxing and breathing and clearing out your mind on things you are going through. Meditation is a type of body relaxation to help calm or relax your body from stress or frustration.It gives you peace and balances your health so that you won’t get over-stressed and have a heart attack and possibly more. Meditation helps you reduce negative emotions and helps you focus on what is going on in the present and not the past.

Now I shall tell you about the history about meditation. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and was originally meant to help understand the meaning of life. My thoughts about meditation is that people these days meditate mostly for relaxation. Yoga is an exercise that is close to meditation. In Yoga, you are breathing and exercising by stretching out your body to relax. I like to meditate on Jesus Christ and the visions of successful things in my life. I meditate mostly with my mother every month. Meditation is a good practice and I think you should try to.


Meditation- A motive to relax and think of nothing.

Mantra- A repeated word; but for meditation Aum.

deep breathing- Breathing deeply making you calm and relaxed.

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