The Sports High School

If you love to be athletic and play a fun and exciting sport, then you should go to The Sports High School! The Sports High School has a variety of fun sports to do, and you can still get a fantastic education! If you see yourself in the future as a baseball, basketball, track, football, or tennis player, or any other sport, even a sports announcer, then this is the school for you! You get to learn about the techniques of your sport(s), or about the sports industry. You also get to play the sport as you learn, even if you have never played before. There are no try outs! Come to The Sports High School! You'll have a blast!

Location and Classes

The location of The Sports High School would be in Lamprechtshausen, Austria. They have beautiful green acres of land where you can set up sand for baseball and softball fields, turf for football fields, and so much more.

The classes of The Sports High School would differ from regular school. First, you need to take gym twice a week. You need to keep exorcising to become a great athlete. if you go in a different sports path, like a sports announcer, then you have to take special classes in your gym time, because you don't need to exercise. Second, you will be taking a course on whatever sport that you choose everyday at last period. You can go up to three sports in freshmen and sophomore year, but then you have to commit to one sport in junior and senior year. That will be your sport for as long as you want after you graduate. Then you have your regular classes (math, science, etc.) that will also be related to sports by fundamentals. You will be taught how to play your sport(s) in each class.

The Students and Teachers

The students don't have to be athletic. They will go in the sports path that they would like to go in. They would all get along great because they are on a team together. The Sports High School is Co-ed. The sports are not together, but the kids are. They have the same interests. If possible, the teachers for the sports would be retired or current sports players. That way, they get the feel for whatever sport from a pro, and they would be motivated.

The Time

The school would be open from 6:30 in the morning, until 8:30 at night. Why do we stay open so late? Because the students have to practice for games! Whatever sport they take, that is the sport they will do. Classes would start from 8:15 a.m. until 2:20 p.m. There would be about 400 kids in each grade.


The school would be made out of bricks. It would have big, clean windows, a few medium sized gyms,

The Sports Played/Studied

There are so many sports to do at this school. You can play baseball, softball, football, flag football, basketball, track, volleyball, cheer-leading, gymnastics, dance, hockey, bowling, swimming, lacrosse, tennis, golf, archery, wrestling/boxing, skiing, snowboarding, cricket, curling, fencing, ice skating, scuba diving, biking, and skateboarding.