The Moon's Importance

                       Haden Hegwer
                            4th hour

                         The Moon's Role

     The Moon's role is to rotate and revolve around the Earth also it creates phases, tides, and eclipses. The Moon's phases are waxing crescent/gibbous, 1st/3rd quarters, and new/full moons and there is waning crescent/gibbous. The tides are high, low, spring, and neap tides. Also there are two eclipses lunar and solar. That is the moons role on Earth.

                        Moon's Phases

     Moon phases is how much of the moon you see in the sky at night. Also there are 8 different moon phases. Four of the moon phases are waxing crescent/gibbous and waning crescent/gibbous. The other four are 1st/3rd quarter and new/full moon. Theses are the Moon's phases.

.             Tides are when the water rise and falls. The different tides are spring, neap, high, and low tides. Spring tides occur when the moon is full or new. Neap tides occur when the moon is a 1st and a 3rd quarter. They affect Earth by how much water a place gets at a certain time.

.       Eclipses are when the moon gets in front of Earth or when Earth gets in the way of the moon. There are two different eclipses solar and lunar. A lunar eclipse is when the moon gets in the way of earths sunlit. Solar eclipses occur when the earth gets in the way of the moons sunlit. These are the different eclipses.

        The moon is important because it makes tides. Also it makes phases and eclipses and those are cool to look at. Life on earth without the moon would be horrible because you wouldn't have light at night. Also you wouldn't have electricity. That is why you the moon is important and that is what Earth would be like with out the moon.

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