Self- Reflection Bryce Flowers

A Brief Summary of My Career Assesments

                                                        My Career Cluster Areas

Agriculture, Architecture, Science


Agriculture workers enjoy animals, working outside. You might sell products or raise animals if you work in an agriculture field


Architecture workers like to build things and observe their surroundings. You might work with tools design plans for new ideas, you could also take care of and repair structures if you have an occupation in architecture


Science workers have many occupations some could work in laboratories, or in the field. Some workers could help give support to scientist or be involved with planning and designing products.

My Key Interest


S- Social people like to help and communicate with others. They prefer talking and teaching rather than working with machines

I- Investigative people like to do less activities that deal with thinking and more physical activity. They like to find facts mentally.

A- Artistic people are creative thinkers. They enjoy self-expression in their work and like receiving credit for it as well.

Careers I Would Consider:

School Counselors


Elementary School Teachers

My Personality Traits


E-Extroverts are people who are generous and outgoing people. They go out of their way to help others for enjoyment.

S-Sensing are people who  focus more on the present than the future.

F-Feeling people are people who let their emotions effect their decisions greatly and use their instincts.

J-Judgmental people like organization, they have things planned and are very prepared.

Careers I would Consider Include:


Child Care




My Strongest Skill Areas

Achievement- people who like achievement like to see importance in their work

Relationships- people who like relationships like to have a friendly, non-competitive work place. They like to do things for others.

Independence- people who think independence is important like to work alone and have their own schedule

Recognition- people who think recognition is important take pride in their work and want others to know what they have done.

Working Conditions- people who think working conditions are important want to work in a safe environment, they like jobs with steady employment and nice pay.

Careers I Would Consider Include:

Coaches and Scouts

Special Education Teachers


Elementary School Teachers

Athletic Trainers

What I Learned About Myself

I learned that I enjoy helping others and am a very social person and doing things alone.

"Begin With The End In Mind"

"No."- Rosa Parks

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