The Plague of Magda

The Bubonic Plague gave Peasants in Medieval times more authority, however it also killed 70% of Europe's population. First, the Bubonic Plague caused a large decrease in the population. Millions of Peasants died with no help. People would see dying Peasants in the steets and ignore them, giving the rich more attention. The peasants would beg for help, and people would only notice them when they were decaying with their carcass rotting away. There was a big loss of population everywhere, with most cities losing 50%-70% of their population. More people lived in the city than the countryside, but everywhere seemed to be crowded and unsanitary. The plague continued to hit Europe, sometimes being less harmful and sometimes being more harmful. Over all, the Bubonic Plague caused extreme chaos and unsanitary conditions. Killing millions of people, the Plague seemed to be a never ending disease that we fortunately don't have around us.

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