Mediation Project

mediation project by: KJ McFadden and Mr. Halkuff .

3 Activites

On Jan. 15th, the class did a whole hour on mediation This was the first time I have done meditation, this was an experiment I won't forget. The three actives we did was, first we sat down on mats an did deep breathing usually you breathe from your chest but you really want to get from the the inner core of your stomach. The second activity we did was we laid down and Mr. Halkuff told us a story about a lake and a garden. The third activity we was Mr. Halkuff played a CD and a lady talked us into going to sleep.


What was I feeling? I was feeling clam and soothing when I was mediated. What was I thinking during the project? I was thinking how clam I was was and I was just very clam and happy during the project. I would mediate again because, it soothed me and it calmed me down. My favorite part of mediation was being able to be in my own visual world and not to be disturb.

Vocab words (in your own words)
Mediation- a calm, soothing, relaxing, Indian position, thing.
Mantra- a sound you making for inhaling.
Deep Breathing- when you breathe from your downer stomach area.

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