Mi Familia SalvadoreƱa

El Salvador, population, capital, currency, flag etc.

My Grandparents

            My Mothers Parents                                                         Fathers Parents           

FAS 1961

My Parents

This is a photo of my parents in 1995

         My dad and step mom                                                    My mom and step dad

                    Four generations on my moms side of the family in El Salvador

My Siblings

Ernesto - Santa Ana, El Salvador
Amanda- Miami, Florida
Victoria- El Paso, Texas
Joaquin- Miami, Florida
Gabriella- Frederick, Maryland

City my family is from

My parents and grandparents were born and raised in Santa Ana, El Salvador

Downtown Santa Ana, El Salvador

This is a little city in El Salvador we visited, Suchitoto (2013)

Birth place /About me

Miami, Florida

Florida flag

Baby Amanda August 29, 1996

Red dots where I lived blue dots where I have visited

My Timeline

1995 - Born1996- First time going to El Salvador (Which I obviously don't remember)2005- Rode my first roller coaster at Bush gardens amusement park in Tampa, FL2009- I got my braces on2012- I got my braces off2013- Graduated high school/ after 18 years finally went to El Salvador again! 2014- Started Gateway Community college

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