Go to Mars!

It's freezing


The atmosphere of mars is less than 1% of Earths so it does not protect the planet from the sun’s radiation nor does it do much to retain heat at the surface. Also, it is constantly filled with small particles of dust( mainly iron oxide), which give Mars it’s reddish hue.You would need to bring a Thermal suit and oxygen, A relatively large amount of methane has found in the atmosphere of Mars. The methane occurs in large plumes in different areas of the planet, which suggests that it was released in those general areas. You will also need food and water if you want to survive in Mars. A magnetosphere would channel the solar wind around the planet. Without obe, the solar wind interacts directly with the ionosphere stripping away atoms, lowering the density of the atmosphere. In order for the methane to exist in the detected quantities, there must be very active source under the surface.

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