Directioners Vs. Beliebers

By:Sade Oyedipe (Belieber) and Amna Yasin (Directioner)


They are a fanbase that supports Canadian singer Justin Bieber. They can be crazy sometimes and they are super protective over their idol. They are there for Justin 100%. The fanbase name was created in 2011.


Fanbase that supports the British-Irish boy band One Direction. They will always be there for them no matter what. Directioners also have their crazy moments. They've been there since 2010.


Beliebers and Directioners are the largest fanbases and have fan accounts that take up the majority of Twitter. They are constantly arguing over whose idol is better. (*cough, cough* One Direction) (*cough, cough* Justin Bieber)

Resolution to Conflict

1. We could stop bickering over whose idol is better and just enjoy our own idols.

2. We could stop sending hate toward each other on social media websites.

3. We could join forces and be friends.