Industrial Revolution
Elizabeth Potterf
Hour 4

After the westward expansion America went through a time where new technology, jobs, and money was made and introduced. We now know this time period as the Industrial Revolution. After most of the American citizens moved westward many people started brand new lives. No matter what the reason they moved west was, religion, economic, or just new opportunities they were leaving their old lives behind for a new start. With the industrial revolution not only were people getting a new start, but there were other new opportunities that were put in place. For example a lot of new jobs were available because of new technology, like mills and mines. There was also new technology introduced that made American life easier, like the electric pen or phonograph. Though some of the new things that were introduced during the industrial revolution weren't necessarily very good. For example with new jobs being introduced children started working in the mills causing child labor to increase largely. Slavery also increased, especially because of the cotton mills that were being put in place, and the slaves were forced to pick the cotton in the fields. There were advantages and disadvantages to the industrial revolution, but one things for sure, it held a lot of new opportunities.

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