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Coniferous forest

the confirerous forest

This ecosystem is found in temperate regions of the world with warm summers and cool winters and adequate rainfall to sustain the forest.

Biotic factors:
1.the animals
2.the plants
3.the species of animals
4.the type of plants
5.the relationship between the plants and animals

Abiotic factors
1.the amount of rainfall
2.the temperature

Some Abiotic and Biotic facto

carrying capacity and changes in population
carrying capacity- the capacity of a ecosystem which    includes: food,water,shelter things like that

the animals that live in this ecosystem face harsh winters and have to hurry to find what they need

a graph for this biome showing carrying capacity and the changes in population from 1800-1925

Limiting factors-factors that limit the population in an ecosystem
1.soil types
3.forest fires

A specific predator/prey relationship could be a fox catching a mouse and limiting factors could be:the foxes den being destoryed by humans,hunting of the foxes,and more

Energy roles-the roles of organisms in the flow of energy
consumers:bald eagles,bears

trees in this biome
the comade bear or spirt bear

the plants get energy from the sun and the consumers get energy from plants and other consumers

producers get energy from the sun and they are vital to any ecosystem due to the next level in an energy pyramid will consume the plant to get energy they receive the energy from the sun

Food chains and Food Webs
Food chains are more realistic because they show how many food chains are in that biome/ecosystem

If I were to remove one of the food chains in the food web then some species could adapt while others may die out

Trophic levels and energy pyramids

energy pyramid

the pyramid was chosen because it easily shows the flow of energy (the pyramid growing smaller as you go up)

the producers are at the bottom because they provide energy they got from the sun and the energy flow gets smaller as 10% is carried over while 90% is used to live thats why the tertiary consumers have very little energy and are at the top



water,sulight and carbon dioxide are needed and oxygen is produced

photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplast of the plant


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