Sale of Pumpkins

A Large Amount of Pumpkins

     If it's pumpkins you want, this is the right place for you. Our pumpkins are grown fresh straight from our pumpkin farm. As halloween gets closer and closer, we're starting a sale starting 10/26/14. Find the right size pumpkin here, we grow them big and small. Not only does it last till halloween, this sale goes on till Thanksgiving. Starting 11/15/14, there will be a sale on Pumpkin Pie as well.

  • It's $4.00 per pumpkin and $3.00 per pie
  • Buy 4 pumpkins, get 2 free

     If interested, call 605-2984-381.

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3 years ago

great tackk! I never would have thought of doing one on pumpkins!