Fredrick Douglas

Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth was born in Ulster county NY. She was abided from her family to an English speaking family called Neely. She goes by Isabella and only speaks Dutch so when her owners came to tell her to work she wouldn't understand. They would beat her even the wife of John sexually abuse her. She built a temple of brush in the woods she worshiped God and she listened to him when he told her to walk away from slavery. She was also pregnant. After Isabella left she lived a simple life and following the Holy Spirit. While living in Van Wagenes. She found out that her son was illegally sold to Alabama. Regaining her son with God by her side she acquired money for legal fees and filed complaints with the Ulster county grand jury. She was a powerful speaker after attending so much camp meetings. She left NY and lectured under the name Sojourner Truth. Her mission was to teach people "to embrace Jesus and refrain from sin."

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