Moon's Importance

The Moon's phases are different every night. It can be crescent full half new moon, etc. The Moon is important to the ways our tides move. As the moon orbit's earth it drags its tides. The moon causes eclipse's as well. If the earth is between the Sun and the moon if you look at the moon it will be red if you are inside the umbra. If the moon is between the earth and the sun then that causes a solar eclipse. If you are in the umbra you will get the sun but only like a ring in the sky.

The reason we have phases. The reason is, is because the earth's shadow is casting on the moon. The reason earth has a shadow is because the sun is facing the earth so that gives a shadow on earth. So it depends where the moon is at to what phase it has. Phases can changed the ways we see the moon down here on earth.

Tides are different where ever you are on earth. If you were to look at a tide and leave for an out 6 hours and com back the water level would be different. So the reason this is because the moon will pull the water in the direction the moon is facing. So that's why the level of the water on beaches rises because of the tides. So if you were to step in sand next to the water and it doesn't go over your feet wait and then it will rise and go over.

Eclipses work in two different ways that's because there is two different eclipses. A lunar eclipse is where the earth is between the sun and moon. Sun gives earth's atmosphere a red glow which casts on the moon. A solar eclipse is where the moon is between the earth and sun. This eclipse make the sun look like a ring in the sky.

The moon is important in many ways. The moon is important because it gives us a little bit of light at night. The moon is a very great discovery for man kind because that could be our future home. The Moon's effect on earth would be different we would not have tide changes. So we would never have water levels change.

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