Wonderful weddings: First-ever Halifax event offers snapshot to the possibilities

The wedding event, called Bespoke, attracted about 100 people Sunday afternoon at The Halifax Club, showcasing six different themes each curated by a local designer.

It wasn’t only the first event of its kind in Halifax, but across wedding culture, said Habib.

“You see a lot of styled photo shoots all over the internet. Everybody and their dog is doing a styled photo shoot.”

Fashioning the idea from home designer showcases back in the late ‘90s, Habib wanted to combine her expertise in event planning with the theatrics of a photo shoot.

“It would be cool if I could do a different styled wedding in every different room,” she said. “And [The Halifax Club] was the only venue that had rooms small enough to work with… a big ballroom space, it’s not the same feel.”

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“And I’ve always loved this building,” she admitted.

Guests drifted through various dioramas: the rock wedding, the Irish pub wedding, the regal red and gold wedding, the winter wedding, the Indian wedding, and the Parisian wedding.

“I said [to the designers] ‘do whatever you want in these rooms, they do not have to remain Halifax Club rooms’… we wanted to show people what you can do.”

Each space was curated to have a photographer, designer, florist, linen rental, cake, flavourist, stationary, musician, bride and groom model, gown and tux, hair stylist, makeup and accessories – most of which were local. Sailor Bup’s Barbershop styled all the groom’s hair, for example.

Bride-to-be Julia Fauteux said she enjoyed how designers were stationed in the rooms they curated.

“And they’re there to talk too,” she said. “It’s neat to see different ideas come to fruition.”

Habib said the event amassed many volunteers – some she had been working with for years, others she had “just met yesterday.”

She said especially in the summer, Halifax is incredibly popular for weddings. Popular spots include Oceanstone Seaside Resort, St. Mary’s Boat Club and the Prince George Hotel.

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