How to Delete Facebook Chat History

Delete Facebook Chat History

If you are looking to delete Facebook chat history due to privacy reasons or threat is looming in your mind that the personal conversation or the details that have been shared through the FB chat panel, can be misused or compromised, then it is a good decision. But necessary steps need to be implemented carefully to delete FB chat history.

Steps to Delete Facebook Chat History

Here are the steps that can answer you the question that looms several times in your mind “ How can I delete Facebook chat history”.

  • Sign-in into the Facebook account by entering correct login credentials.
  • Click on messenger icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Upon clicking the icon, a new page is displayed where the chat messages are saved as per the date and time, one after the other in a chronological manner.
  • Select any of the chat messages and the chat transcripts will be displayed on the dashboard.
  • Take your mouse on the gear icon seen on the top of the dashboard.
  • Now the options mentioned in the drop down message include “ delete messages” and “delete conversation”.
  • Select ‘delete conversation’ to truncate the entire chat transcript with a selected contact.
  • Click ok to make the changes effective.

Once it is done, you will not able to see the chat transcript ever even in the FB messenger installed on the android or iOS device.In case, you are not able to do so, just take much-needed help from qualified experts by giving a call at Facebook support phone number USA +1-855-510-0777 or through FB Help center where interactions can be done through forums or solutions can be available just by reading FAQs.