Civil war notes

Abby mcmanus

JOURNAL ENTRY ONE: My name is Catherine, I am 17 years old and a nurse to help heal the Union soldiers who have gotten hurt in the war.  I live in New Jersey and I am a nurse.  I used to take care of my two little sisters all day, Cecilia (10) and Clara (6) and i'm 17.  My parents worked all day because we are kind of poor, but now that the war has started my dad was drafted in the war and my mom is a nurse with me.  I work half time so I can watch my sisters.  I'm a nurse for the Union, go north!  Slavery is wrong, everyone is equal and they shouldn't be treated  so badly.  

JOURNAL ENTRY 2: Abby: I am so fit to the tied! We haven't gotten our green backs in 6 months now!

Annie: Ya i agree Possum, lets grab a root.

Abby: Ya, my bread basket is getting empty I need to feed it. All I have had for a week was goobers.

Annie: wanna ask if the fresh fish want to join.


Annie:but lets not sit next to the Sunday soldiers

Abby: No need, they have been whipped to the bone. There Played out

Annie: Bully! lets go!

This is the grass outside of the hospital where Clara and Cecilia play.  

Letter home:

JOURNAL ENTRY 3: Dear Aunt Jackie,

I miss you so much.  How's uncle James?  I hope his farm is going good.  I have seen the deadliest wounds as deadliest they can be.  I've been working half time so I can take care of Clara and Cecilia.  But it's been gross and deadly.  I also saw a man die yesterday.  I will never forget that, I remember him.  His name was Joe and he was so nice and sweet, I hate to see him pass.  I hate to see anyone pass.  Well, I gotta work.  Write you later.


JOURNAL ENTRY 4: Interview with Jeremiah

Names:  Abby, Matthew, Jocelyn

When creating our story we read pages 1, 2, 3, and .

Your job is to interview the fictional character of Jeremiah Handley and
write out the answers as you believe he would have given them.

Make sure to include information or ideas drawn from your analysis of
primary sources. Cite the source material as your teacher directs.

Interview question 1

Jeremiah, when you chose to go to war,
what caused you to make that choice?

I wanted to serve my hometown and fight for what I believed in.  I am tough and I believed in myself that I could stay alive and help to fight.  Also I wasn't very good at helping out on the farm so I wanted to go and get good at something.  

Interview question 2

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or
happy about?
I am very proud of myself that I told the truth to those generals that I was only 13 years old.  If I had lied it would be on my chest forever and I would be putting myself in danger and maybe others also.  Also I am very happy that I left my mom by her self because I would have been upset and bringing her down also, and I am not good at farming.   

Civil War Trust |

Interview question 3

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?
Nothing. I am very happy with the choices that I have made in my life.  I am happy to be here today.  I just wish that I could be older so I can fight for the south.  I respect my home town and I would love to pay back for it.  When I come to the age I will no doubt join the army so I can fight for the South.  

Interview question 4 (Look back at the italicized section at your "ending")

Jeremiah, How has your brother been, have you seen him?
Yes I have, we don't see each other very much.  He is  a very good solider and has helped the south very much from what I have heard.  I really hope that he stays alive so he can go through it all and be strong.  
Ask a question that makes Jeremiah talk about one of the issues brought
up at the end of the story you chose to create.

Photo prompt 3:

My morning

Your message...

JOURNAL ENTRY 6: Were gonna get our freedom back lets win lets win!

One solider shoots the other dies lets win lets win!

The sneak up and surprise attack and the others try to fight back

Were gonna get our freedom back lets win lets win

The south's gonna pay yay!

JOURNAL ENTRY : For fun at the hospital I play with my sisters because they can usually come up with something fun to do.  My favorite food is hardtack, but I never dip it in my coffee...  here's fun

JE6: were gonna get our freedom back lets win lets win!

one solider shoots the other dies lets win lets win!

the sneak up and surprise attack and the others try to fight back

were gonna get our freedom back lets win lets win

the south's gonna pay yay!

When I work at the hospital, I see a lot of bad illness and injuries.  One time I had to cure a man with food illness, so we had to keep him overnight for three nights and give him clean water and good food.  Also, one man had his leg at least half way open.  We had to sew it back together and we had to give him laughing gas so he wouldn't feel it.

I can finally go home, it's been three years now and I have missed my family so so much!! I see my house, I start running toward it and my family sees me and screams "WELCOME HOME CATHERINE!" I hug everyone then go and get Cecilia and Clara and carry them over.  My mom had to stay longer, so I'm living with my aunt Jackie and uncle James.  We all hug then go inside, we sit down on the couch and we talk and she asks me how everything went.  I replied saying I have never seen anything like it, it was the most awful thing ever, but the Union is pulling ahead in the war!  Then I showed them this picture of me walking home, away from the camp.  I'm so glad to be home!

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