Whatever After
By: Sarah Mlynowski

By: Hannah Brown #4

Whatever After Fairest Of All.

This is the cover of Whatever After Fairest of All. By: Sarah Mlynowski


This is the mirror

In Abby's(the main character) basement was a mirror. Once her little brother(Jonah) woke her up in the night at 2:00 A.M and Jonah was saying to Abby that the mirror was acting up. So then, to proof that the mirror was acting up Jonah knocked on it three times and it did act up! After five seconds it took them into a fairyland because Jonah knocked on it three times and Abby got so mad because she didn't know what to do!


This is the cottage

When Abby and Jonah were lost in the woods they found this cottage. They knocked on the door and there was Snow White. So they stayed there until they decided to go home. Abby and Jonah stayed in a little bed because it was a small cottage.

A little table

This is the small table.

In the cottage, there was this weird small table that Abby and Jonah did not like because there was like NO room to fit everything and it was for the Elves, Snow White, Jonah and Abby. Abby and Jonah could not deal with it!

Stew Sandwiches

The stew sandwiches.

When Abby and Jonah go on adventures to see if they can find trails to go home they are always hungry so they would always bring stew sandwiches(GROSS). Abby doesn't like them as much as Jonah does!


This is a sock.

Whenever Jonah doesn't like food at the cottage that Snow made, he would always put gross food  in his socks because he is very picky. So, Abby always tells him to stop because he needs to grow!

The End!

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