Scholarship Persuasive Essay

The world needs good people because they protect us from bad people such as terrorist who try to hurt innocent people.

We need good people in this world. They care for everyone and try to protect us from the bad ones for example people in the millitary they sacrifice their lives for people by protecting us from terrorist.

The world needs good people because they put everyone infront of themselfs because they see the world different from evryone else for example police officers they protect us and make people who disobey the law follow it.

In yet there is people who tend to disagree because they feel like the world should be how it is evil everywhere such as killers, rapist, drug dealers, and all the people who disagree the world needs good people only care about themselfs.

Yes the world needs good people because there is many people who only care about themselfs and that is why i agree that we need good people.

Cover Letter / Letter of Intent
Varela, David Jose
2843 Tierra tonica El Paso, Texas 79938


Michael David. Martinez

Best buy

2145 Beful bejid

El Paso TX, 79938

Dear Michael David. Martinez:

Hi my name is David I am skilled I can stay calm while in pressure and many more such as multitasking skills , bilingual, technology skills, I am honest and time manager.

I would like to be in a as a cashier in your store. I have worked with money i use to work for my grandpas store as a cashier. I have great grades in math and that is what i need for this job.

I thank you for your time and hope you reach back to me.


David Varela

Letter of Recommendation

Gerry Sosa 

Border patrol

I am writting this letter of recommendation for Mr.Sosa for the position of a Border Patrol officer.

I have know Mr.Sosa for 4 years and through thoughs years Mr.Sosa has showed me that he is a respectable young man. Mr.Sosa is a very skilled man that is a multitasker, and always takes charge and puts people on their work. Mr.Sosa is a dedicated hard worker who isnt scared to get dirty.

Mr.Sosa would be a great asset for a border patrol officer if you need to contact me for further information, dont be afraid to do so.

David Varela

Senator of Texas

(916) 846-4246


David Varela

(915) 913-6163

12346 Tierra Canal

Objective: My goal is to be employed by the military in the army as a Infantry Officer

Education 2004-2009- Hurshel Antwine

2010-2014- Hernando Middle School

2014-2018- El Dorado High School

Accomplishments: Perfect attendance

AB Honor Roll

Experience I Have experience in construction I started in march 14 2013 and ended in march 27 2013y responsibilities were to make holes in the ground and put the pole and then put the fence

Skills: Technology skills

Physical and mentally  fit to perform under pressure

Abillity to make quick decision

Self dicipline, confident, and intelligent

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